Sunday, 1 August 2010

Mac Neutral Palette, Complete! ♥

Today is a very important day, Very important indeed.
My Mac neutral palette is finally complete!
I got this palette along with 3 shadows for christmas and have been determined to fill every slot since with a pretty neural shadow that I can wear everyday.
Ive chosen simple, wearable colours that are easy to work with, that i can slap on half asleep in the mornings and know will still look good (:

I'm fairly content with it, I may buy a few more darker frosty brown shadows to put in it, as i think it consists too much of matte browns and lighter shades at the moment, but for now, its just right!
I tried my best to organise it by colour, putting lighter shades on the top row, slightly darker shades in the middle and darker on the bottom...its still a bit jumbled up though!

Left to right:
Top row - Shrom, Blanc Type, Brule, Gleam, Gesso
Middle - Omega, RetroSpeck, Cork, Cranberry, Electra
Bottom - Satin Taupe, Brun, Brun (why do i have 2?), Embark, Carbon.

I have no idea why i have 2 Brun shadows. Hmm. Strange.

Anyways, I love it...
Lil seems to love it too haha

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