Sunday, 29 August 2010

Rings, Rings, Rings ♥

One of my favourite accesories to wear is a big , bold ring.
I think it can really brighten up and bring a bit more interest to any outfit, the more the better i think.
Now, i dont have many rings and the ones i do have arnt anything fancy or expensive, however i'm rather fond of the cheap'o costume rings. Give me a chunky plastic faux diamond ring any day!
(...I wouldnt turn down a big, expensive, REAL diamond though!)

Heres my little stash of gems...
The majority of my rings seem to be of roses or based on some type of flower, I seem to be attracted to them for some reason.
Now winters creeping up, i think i may have to purchase some less 'florally' rings to fit the season, i might look a bit strange walking around in the freezing snow and rain with a huge rose on my finger!
My favourite ring at the moment has to be the big pastel lilac rose, It goes with every outfit and lilac just happens to be my favourite colour (:

Do you like cheap costume rings, or the more dainty expensive ones?


  1. Wow you have a gorgeous rings collection :)

    Really very pretty!

  2. I love a mix of both. I'm loving my £2 turquoise ring from Primark at the moment, but then I also love my timeless Tiffany Notes band. I agree though, nothing like a bold ring to shake up an outfit!

    T x

  3. You have a great ring collection! I love that huge floral cameo one!

  4. I reckon there would be nothing better than seeing/wearing a big colourfull flower ring in winter will brighten everyones day!
    I like your collection

  5. Wow, that's a lot of rings. I always seem to lose any rings I buy on nights out. The only ring i've never lost is my engagement ring (i think my boyfriend would kill me if i did haha)
    I love the little purpley one though

  6. i like the owl, i have a big massive fake diamond ring but it tarnished so bad i can't wear it any more :( x

  7. I just found your blog and I love it!
    You have really great taste and i'm so jealous that you have such beautiful make-up! :)
    I'm having trouble following you though :( I'll keep trying :) x

  8. i loooooove all these!
    especially the owl ring (: