Tuesday, 24 August 2010

First OOTD - Simple & Lazy ♥

Just a few snaps i took of my outfit today, I was just popping down to the post office, doing a spot of window shopping and just doing other pointless things to cure my boredom during these looong hoildays.
It's quite a smiple casual outfit...rather lazy actually! I opted for comfort and just let the bag be the star of the show.

Long black bodycon dress - £10 Miss selfidges
Knitted nude cardigan - £35 Miss selfidges
Black leggings - £5.99 New look.
Cream dolly shoes - £12.99 H&M

I'm in love with this cardigan, Just got it last week. Its so cosy and the knitted detail down each side turns it from a boring plain cardigan, to somehing slightly more interesting. It also has pleats on the back to add some more detail.
Cant wait to wear this in winter with a big chunky scarf (:

Mulberry Bayswater - £695
Disney Couture bracelet - £30 ASOS.com
Pandora bracelet - Christmas gift.
Large lilac rose ring - £4.95 Topshop

Kept the accessories simple aswell, as going to the post office isnt really a time to wear some serious bling haha.
I found my Disney couture bracelet this morning that i got a few months ago while snooping through my draws. Totally forgot i had it! It says 'Think of a wonderful thaugh', which is from peter pan i think? So cute.
I wear my pandora every day, as each bead means something different, see the cupcake on it? I got that bead for my 18th as i had a huge birthday cake made out of little cupcakes, so its a lovely reminder.
I'm going to be doing many many more of these outfits of the day posts, i really enjoyed doing it (:


  1. Love your cardigan!! Gorgeous!!

    You should do more FOTD!

    Jen xx

  2. lllove your bag, adorable outfit.<3

  3. I love the whole outfit, especially your cardigan and the Disney bracelet! :)

  4. I love the Disney Couture bracelet but I got a tattoo of that so I think owning the bracelet would be overkill!

    Great blog, I'm a new follower! Maybe you could follow in return? http://make-me--beautiful.blogspot.com

    T x

  5. Loves your cardigan and your Disney Couture bracelet. I might have to go hunting for that one.


  6. Love the cardigan! Iam on the hunt for a pefect chunky cardi for winter..may have to check this one out x

  7. Love this outfit!