Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Perfect Bronzer? Check! ♥

For quite a while i was on a huge brozer-buying-spree! Reaserching well loved and raved about bronzers, hoping to fall head over heels for one, which i have done!

I looked through my drawres this morning and gathered up all the bronzers i own to compare to the one i now love and sware by :


Left to right...

Nars Laguna - Nice colour, but too sparkly.
Barry M Natural dazzle - Far too plum toned.
ELF Warm Bronzer - Too light and orange toned.
Mac Solar Riche - Far too red toned.
Cargo Medium Matte Bronzer -Ok, but a bit too warm.
Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel- Perfect colour, But too hard to work with.
Smashbox Colour Boosting Powder - Too sheer and messy to apply.

None of these met my picky bronzer standards!
I wanted a matte, brown...but not too brown, smooth, fool proof bronzer to give me a believable just back from hoilday colour.
I think ive found it!

'Hoola' Bronzer by Benefit.

My lovely mother came home with this a few of weeks ago, as she knew that i was wanting to try it out.
I was a bit doubting at fist as id practically given up hope on finding 'the one'.

I applied it one morning with my Gosh stippling brush (...Great brush i must add!) and it looked so natural i was amazed. and have used it everyday since.
With all the my other bronzers, i was unable to apply them all over my face and down my neck, But with this one, i can! I also use this to contour...I even used this as an eyeshadow the other week.
The colour is perfect...It gives a nice 'tanned' look, It dosnt have red or orange undertones whatsoever and is quite cool toned, so it matches my fair skin nicely.

As you can see, the colour is alot 'browner' then the other ones...

I wish i'd tried this sooner as i wouldnt have wasted so much money on other bronzers.
Its rather pricey at £23.50 a box, but so worth it if your looking for an amazing quality bronzer. Ive already baught myself a backup!

Whats your HG bronzer?


  1. I love bronzer....can you show us it on your face to get an idea of what it looks like on?

    T x

  2. i never use bronzer, my hair is so light and also my skin tone that I'd look a bugger! You very lucky i wish i could pull it off! x

  3. LOVE
    this post!
    So glad I have found a fellow bronzer addict :)
    Here's my bronzer post..

  4. benefit box o' powders are always amazing !
    if you havent already, definitely try Coralista it gives a gorgeous glow!

  5. The benefit bronzer looks just perfect, i just found your blog and following of course.
    My fave bronzer is from artdeco but some of the two faced ones look lovely. Think i will be treating myself to the benefit one first though after seeing it xx

  6. Great review - I've been looking for the perfect bronzer for a while now; I'll definitely be giving this a go at some point! x