Friday, 6 August 2010

Review: Mac Paint Pots ♥

Everyone has a 'holy grail' primer, right?
I was struggling to find a good primer for my eyelids, as they are quite troublesome to say the least.
Ive tried most of the highly coveted primers on the market, Urban decay primer potion, Too Faced Shadow Insurence, Elf Primer, even the new Nars primer...None of them really comes close to these. Most of them i found were too dry, too thin, too watery or greasy...

These, I must say are the perfect formulation.

Packaging is nice and simple, A clear, heavy, sturdy glass jar with a black screw top lid. You have to dip your fingers in the jar though, which is a slight hastle sometimes if you have long nails.
I love the look of the little pots though, So adorable and tiny!

The colours i own are:

Pinterly - Most universal one. Pink toned flesh colour. Best for every day use.
Bare Study - Shimmery white beige. Also good for every day use.
Coral Crepe - This is an LE Paint Pot. Bright vivid, extremely pigmented coral. Quite thick in consitency.
Rubenesque - Same finnish as Bare Study. Shimmery light golden peach.
Quite Natural - I use this as eyeliner. Dark warm matte brown.

What i like most about these are that you can wear them alone as a light eyeshadow or as a liner. Ive even heard of people wearing coral crepe and rubanesque on their cheeks. They dont budge or smudge either.
They make any eyeshadow colour go on smoothly and more vivida and my eyeshadow stays perfect right the way though till' when i take it off.

I find the best way to use these are to make sure your hands are warm and swirl your finger in the product for a minite to warm it up, Then apply straight onto lids with your fingers, a brush could also work, but wouldnt be as even.

They retail for £13 on the Mac website and in store. A reasonable price considering they contain 5g of primer, which will last a long time!


  1. oh how nice you should swatch them =)

  2. This is such a cute blog. Thanks for following.

    I think I might need to invest in some paint pots! The primers I have aren't very good for me, they're quite oily, which is 10 times worse on my eyelids!

    Lisa x

  3. I love painterly, definitely a holy grail for me too !
    You're blog is fab, i love it :)
    It would be great if you could check mine out sometime,
    - Beth x

  4. I really enjoy your blog! Come visit me at

  5. Oooh I think I may have to get the 'Painterly' one :):)