Friday, 27 August 2010

Nail Polish Collection & Storage ♥

I love nail polish, I'm forever buying bottles of it.
I used to store it in a drawer, but i hauled so many polishes that it wouldnt shut, so i went on the search for a shelf.
Early on a sunday morning, i dragged myself out of bed to my local car boot sale and while perusing the isles, i came across a little white shelf for £3...Yes, £3! Bargin.
A lick of white paint and it was good as new. Now it proudly hangs on my bedroom wall, all organised and pretty.

I really recommend storing your polishes like this, its so easier to find what your looking for and because they're not laying on their sides the varnish dosnt leak into the cap, which causes the lid to get stuck and the polish to split.

I must admit, i'm a slight nail polish snob. I love my OPI and my Nails Inc. Although Revlon and Barry M do some fabulous colours aswell for a fraction of the price.

On the bottom row i keep all my OPI polishes, Middle row has all my Nails Inc and The top row is a variety of various brands such as Barry M, Nars, Nubar, China Glaze, Zoya, Gosh and Essie.

I took these picture a few weeks ago, and since then i have discovered the brilliant brand Models Own which now has taken over most of the top row!

I need to stop buying polishes, or i may have to hunt down another shelf...or two.

Whats your favourite brand and how do you store your polishes?


  1. Such a gorgeous way to display your nail looks like a professional nail bar!

    T x

  2. I need something like this, my collection is probably half the size of yours but i have always fancied the idea of storing it like you see in salons lol x

  3. Wow! awesome collection! Well me, I dont collect polishes coz it tends to dry out and just goes out in the trash in my case all the time. lol =)


  4. Amazing collection! And I love the storage!
    Now following you.

  5. gotta love my opi! just found your blog and i love it - keep up the good work chica

  6. I am such a nail polish addict, it's actually obscene how many I have and continue to purchase! I've been looking for one of these nifty little shelves for a while now too... xoxo

  7. I am beyond jealous at your nail varnish collection!