Saturday, 21 August 2010

Whats in my...Basket? ♥

...all 4 of my makeup drawers look like this:

a mish mash of everything all jumbled up and in the mornings it took me an extra 10 minutes looking for things, it just wasnt working for me!
But now ive found something that workes wonderfully. A BASKET, Not any old bastket, a pretty blue floral one ofcourse...

Ive tried a makeup bag...but everythings piled up together and i'm always scared of things smashing and cracking, like delicate MSF's...Makeup isnt cheap y'know.
I still store everything in the drawers, but keep my staples in the basket.
Its so easy now to locate everything and i just swich some products around a couple of times a week depending on what blush i feel like wearing or foundation.

Lets have a peak inside:
So, its just my basic everyday items.

The best thing folds away! So when i go on holiday, i can just fold this up and throw it in my bag.

it costs £1.99 from Dunelm.
Go get yourself one (;


  1. I do the same thing, I have a cute little box that I keep the things I use every day in, so that I can just grab that and pull things out easier. Your makeup collection looks amazing!! :)

  2. aww these look really cute! Very Cath Kidston-y.
    I used to have the same problem with my make up drawers, but I have invested in some lovely clear perspex boxes from Muji which have lots of little compartments - perfect for my makeup.