Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Lush Dream Cream ♥

Most Lush products dont really appeal to me and i find them to be slightly overhyped. But i was on the market for a good bodycream, so i succumbed to the hype and picked this up, hoping for utter miracles!

My skin type is extremley sensitive, flares up and becomes incredibly itchy and inflamed so easily if it dosnt agree with a poduct, So i was slightly apprehensive about giving this a go...

Its made from mostly natural ingredients, its vegan and contains a blend of these essential ingredients to help soothe, calm and moisturise the skin:
Oat Milk
Rose oil
Lavender oil.


The cream itself is a quite unnatractive beigey/pale yellow colour and smells very...herby?
I cant really discribe the smell, but its definitely natural smelling, not totally umpleasent, makes me a bit drowsy though haha.
Its a very thick rich cream. Quite a weird thickness though, You could hold the pot upside down for as long as you like and it wouldnt fall out, but its not at all solid like a balm or anything.
Since its such a thick cream, it does take a good few minutes to sink in...So its best to apply this at night, also you dont want to walk around during the day smelling like a herb shop! lol.

Well then, did it work?
Dream Cream is said to 'calm irritations, reduce redness and banish blotches'...
It deffinitly did all this plus more!

I absalutly love this body cream. I apply this all over my chest neck arms and legs before going to bed and in the morning my skin feels velvetty soft and has a nice natural, healthy sheen to it.
It didnt irritate my skin one bit, it actually calmed the redness down and felt so cooling and refreshing!
Ive used every night for 2 weeks so far, and ive hardly made a dent! So its going to last me a while, yay (:

Fairly good price also - £8.60 for 250ml!
Go grab yourself some!


  1. Great review. I've had my eye on this for a while but I've been 50/50 on it up until reading this! I'll be picking one up next time I'm in Lush! xoxo

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  3. oooh I really wanna try this, shame I have no lush close by! :'( xxx