Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Haul: Nars, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Models Own & Cath Kidston ♥

Another week, another haul...

What i got:
Mac Spiced Chocolate quad - £21.95 Local CCO
Bobbi brown Pale Mauve Lipstick - £10.50 Local CCO
Models Own Nail polish Jade stone, Grey Day, Champeigne, Nude Beige - £5 each Boots
Nars Torrid - £19.50

The product i'm most excited about is Mac's Spiced chocolate quad that came out with the Cult of cherry collection...ive been eyeing it up ever since and thaught id never get my mitts on it since its Limited adition. I even was contemplating paying the mammoth ammounts on eBay for it! So i was very lucky to find this in my CCO, I literally squealed when i spotted it sitting on the shelf. It's Such a well put together quad (Nanogold, Brash, Sweet Chestnut, Spiced Chocolate), The colors are all very wearable and perfect for the upcoming colder months.
I'm also loving Models own polishes at the moment...Maybe even more then OPI? (...never thaught i would say that!). They have a beautiful range of colours and finnishes and i'm most definitely going to collect some more!
The Bobbi brown Lipstick and Nars Torrid are always things that i have wanted to try, So i just caved in and baught them. Hopefully some positive reviews will come soon (:

I also got this adorable HUGE Cath Kidston makeup/toiletries bag. Perfect for going on holiday and staying at friends houses. Right now i'm using it for my moisturizers and general skin care products as its waterproof, so if my Lush toner spills, it wont be damaged.

I'm a big Cath Kidston fan but only have several items as its quite expensive, But I was so suprised at the price of this...It was on sale for a teeny tiny £12.00, thats fab considering Cath kidston things are usually way above that.

I love it. Its made out of the usual Oil cloth material and has sweet little robins on it, How cute is that? (:
Ive never seen this design before, Its beautiful!

What do you think of Cath Kidston things?


  1. larrrrvly haul :) The cath kidston makeup bag = WIN! xxx

  2. Ok those Models Own colours are stunning. I might have to try the brand again. I wasn't super keen on their polishes when I tried them before but for colours like that, I might just have to ignore the negatives!
    Lovely haul!