Thursday, 26 August 2010

Exciting haul! Mac & Bobbi Brown ♥

On monday i toodled along to my local CCO which, thankfully, is only up the road from me, So i practically live there, which i suppose it kind of dangerous to my credit card haha.

The goodies...

Bobbi brown Shimmer Brick For Body - £45
Every time i went in my CCO, i always used to pass the Bobbi brown counter umm and ahh-ing, thinking 'one day, i will get that!' But i never do, it just seemed so much to spend on one item. But after some careful reaserch, I came to the conclusion that you get an awful lot of product for your money, 15g worth, and its going to last forever, so i baught...and so far, Its taken the place of Mac's Soft And Gentle and is now my favourite everyday face highlighter! I'm loving Bobbi Browns stuff at the moment.

Mac Oyster Girl Lipglass £7.50
This was just a compulsive buy.I do really love it though and glad i picked it up, Its a beautiful pearly pale pink lipgloss with quite alot of silver shot through it. It looks gorgeous paired with Mac's Pretty Please lipstick!

Now onto the most exciting part...

Mac's Marine Life Highlight Powder. (eeeee!)
I know i'm a bit behind on the whole Marine Life hype, But a friend in the US has been holding onto this baby for me since the 'to the beach collection' was released and ive been looking forward to recieving it ever since! It came this morning and i couldnt me more happy with it, It surley is a peice of art. Even my mother thinks this is beautiful, and shes not a huge fan of makeup herself to say the least.

Isnt it just gorgeous to look at?

I'm dying to try it on, however i'm too scared to use it though, knowing that the pretty gold is only a thin overspray...
I'm going to have to suck it up and use it at some point though, and when i do, expect a full review (:


  1. Wow! Can't believe you got the Marine Life Highlighter at CCO! Which one do you live near? They sold out at my MAC really quickly so I didn't get one :(

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  3. @ belle de Beauty - oh, sorry i didnt get this at my CCO, Someone from America kindly sent it to me. I dont think you would beable to find this at any CCO ): sorry xx

  4. oh wow how pretty! I doubt i'd use it either just stare at it all the time! x

  5. That is truly too beautiful to use!

    T x

  6. Your lucky to live so near to a CCO. my nearest one is at york which is about 40 mins away x

  7. I wish we had a CCO near us :(

    The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is stunning!

  8. Nice haul.
    I love the Marine Life powder
    New follower.
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  9. Awesome haul!! Marine Life is really gorgeous and the design is beautiful to look at. Enjoy your new goodies :)