Thursday, 29 July 2010

July 2010 Faves! ♥

Wow, cant believe July's over!
Its quite scary how fast this years going! Next thing you know, it'll be 2011! eeee.

Anyways, I did alot of experimenting in July, Trying to find some HG status products.
I think i may have found a few good'uns (:

here are the products ive fallen head over heals for in July:

Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation.
Ive been on the search for the HG foundation. This is most definitly it! Sinks right into the skin , masks any flaws, feels fresh and light and adds a subtle glow!

Lush Tea Tree Water Toner.
I dont usually like toners because they irrittate my super sensitive skin like crazy. This one however, dosnt contain any alcahol so it isnt drying at all. It also has an anaseptic ingredient that kills any nasty bacteria on your face which stops those pesky spots popping up! genius! Ive used this every morning without fail and have only a little bit left in this hugeee bottle, Good job i have a backup!

Mac Soft and Gentle MSF.
Ive been interchanging this beauty with Dior amber diamond alot this month, but have been reaching for this a bit more. Its a nice simple shade that goes with any look. I use this wet with Fix +. Result = lovely dewy skin.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque.
Simple peach based product that erases blue tones under the eyes like a dream! Its a tad expensive for this tiny little pot but you only need to dab your finger in it once and thats more than enough!

Mac Prep and Prime Face Powder.
Now, I'm one of those 'No powder' girls. Well atleast i was until i tried this! My foundation tends to shift around the nose and chin area, but stays put everywhere else, So i thaught i would take my chances with this. Im glad i did, because its the most finely milled powder ever and certainly does not look like your wearing powder at all. It gives a smooth 'Soft focus' effect on the skin also. This is a must have for me now.

Nars Gina Blush.
Gorgeous, long wearing, summery,Pigmented, dusty peach shade. Nuff' said.
Im'a peach loving girl.

Revlon Peach Petal Lipgloss.
Yummy milky peach gloss. Ive been reaching for this alot because its enough to wear on its own because its quite opaque. Lipstick is just far too heavy feeling when its hot outside!

None makeup related thing ive been loving and living off in the last month...Good ol' English Tea and Biscuits!
i'm addicted, yum.


  1. Ooh that lush toner sounds good! Great post :) xx

  2. I've seen quite a few reviews/recommendations about Mac Prep and Prime Face Powder and after yet another in your faves, I definitely want to try it out! :) Loving your blog, now following! xxx

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  4. I use the tea tree water everyday too! I love it x