Saturday, 17 July 2010

Drugstore Gems ♥

Now, I must admit, i'm a bit of a brand snob. I love the feeling of pulling out a shiny Chanel compact out of my makeup bag and slicking on a lippie in a fancy gold tube, Its just...nice (:

I do try to love drugstore brands (...i really do!) but 99% of the time, they dont impress and i'm left underwelmed and dissapointed.
I have found a few cheap products that have impressed me and that I would put up there with the quality of higher end products.
Here they are...

Natural collection Fondant Lipgloss.
Ready for a major rave?
I LOVE this. Its actually my favourite lip gloss...ever.
It a peachy pink shade thats got just the right amount of pigmentation. Its fairly opaque so it nudes out the lips perfectly, but lets just a hint of natural lip colour shine through. Its not in the slightest but sticky either! (also smells like vanilla cupcakes...YUM!)
only cost £1.99 from boots. Perfect.

Loreal Studio Secrets Primer.
This is the best primer I own! I have a Nars one which costs double the price of this and its not half as good. This does everything a primer should! It fills in large pores and makes the skin feel silky smooth. It looks a bit weird though, its a light pink mouse, looks like marshmellow (:
Slightly pricey for a drugstore product at around £12.99

Prestige Skin Loving Minerals Pure Shimmer Highlighter.
Looks suspiciously similar to a Mac MSF, yes?
My all time favourite product by Mac is their MSF's, i think i have about 7 or so. However they are a little prices at around £20 for one and this little gem is just as good as them at only around £8.00 for one! It's a great dupe of Soft and Gentle by Mac and looks almost identicle on the skin. Its by far the best drugstore highlighter!
Revlon Photo Ready Foundation.
Yet another amazing foundation by Revlon! I loved their colourstay but I'm really bowled over by the quality of this foundation. I'm not too keen on foundations that make you look matte as I like a bit of dewyness to my skin. This foundation delivers just the right amount of dewyness without looking greasy. Cant afford to pay £29 on Nars sheer glow?, get this! It looks the same on the skin to me. Lasting power is fab aswell (:
£12.99 from boots.

I'm also a fan of Barry M lippies. Especially 101 and 147. Great colour range and strong pigmentation. Only £4.25 each aswell!

Long live cheap products! (:

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