Monday, 12 July 2010

Mac Stereo Rose Review & Possible Dupe?!

So heres the legendary Stereo Rose...Beautiful, yes?

Stereo Rose is a Vivid Tomato like coral with a peachy bronze sheen (Best way I can describe it!)
Its by far one of the smoothest silkiest Mineralize skin finnishes, No chunkyness or glitter, and is very very soft.

Look how beautiful the veining is, every single one is unique as it is a baked product...

It's so pretty to look at!

Pigmentation is great also, one swipe on your brush is more then enough!
If you apply too much, you could end up looking slightly...Sunburnt? which I found out one morning when I just slapped it on.
This is about the only MSF that does not sink into pores and accentuate them. Its both a highlighter and a blush all baked into one product, so its great for travelling if you dont want to take too many items (be carefull about breaking it though!).
So overall: I'm in Love and its a relativly unique product, that i'm happy to have in my collection!

Possible Dupes?
Stereo rose sold out in hours on the UK website and is sold out in the US also i think, So i rummaged through my stash to look for some dupes.
The closest thing I found to stereo rose is Mac's sheertone shimmer blush in 'Springsheen'
Its a vivid coral with bronzey gold shimmer. Just like Sereo Rose is, However Springsheen is slightly...but only ever so slightly pinker, But that dosnt show up on the skin too much.

Also, with a swipe of Mac's melon pigment over the top of Springsheen, The outcome is exactly what stereo Rose is.
Springsheen + Melon pigment = Stereo Rose.

So, if you have Springsheen and Melon pigment, there is no need to pay ridiculous prices on ebay, chop off an arm or take out a loan to buy this procuct...Unless your a major collector like me haha (:

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