Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Dior Amber Diamond ♥

Ive wanted this for so so so long. Its been going around youtube for a while now and i needed it!
well i didnt really NEED it, I just wanted it (:

Its Dior Amber Diamond.
I had some birthday money left over in my bank, so i thaught, why not? Its only £31...eeek.
Definitely a one off buy.

It comes in a little velvet pouch, which is a very nice touch, The overall presentation is so lavish and screams 'expensive!' to me. Its very sturdy also, very good quality.
Look how beautiful the packaging is! Looks so pretty sat on my dressing table.

Enough raving about the packaging, Now onto the actual product itself...
Its a gradiant of 5 shades a pearly white, Light beige, dark tan, light tan and then a peach.

The powder is finely milled and has zero glitter in it.
The effect on the skin is a gorgeous peachy glow, I think it would compliment a tan perfectly.
It would look beautiful on all skintones as it goes from light to dark and you can build it up to however dark you want it.
On my NC20 skin, it shows a bit more tan because i'm fairly pale.

Ive found that you get the best effect from this highlighter by applying it with a small stippling brush like Mac's 188 and buffing it in lightly. This dispurses the product more evenly onto the skin.
I did try it wet but I found that this made it look far far far too intense and metalic looking!

I packed it on quite heavy for the purpose of this review and as you can see it packs quite a punch of sheen, i'd never wear it this heavy though!

I love it!

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