Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Weekly Rediscovery - Mac MSF's ♥

I apologise for lack of posts this week, ive started a new job so ive been busy doing various inductions and i'm so exausted its unbelievable!

With the lack of shopping time ive had the past couple of weeks (booo!) ,ive been enjoying rediscovering products that i already own.
I think i'm going to do a 'Weekly Redicovery' post every week as a bid to try and use what i have and not waste money buying more & more products.
Ive put myself on a no-makeup-buy-unless-absalutley-necessary untill after christmas, I can hear a mulberry roxanee calling my name! haha

This week ive been rediscovering and really enjoying using my MSF's. I hauled these, forgott about them & never really used them, which is a shame because they really are beautiful products!

In my opinion MSFs are the star of Mac products - pretty swirly multi - use products? yes please! shimmer isnt everyones cup of tea, but i love a bit of shimmer, especially in these winter months when my skins so dry.

They can be used as a highlighter, all over the face to give a glow, blush, bronzer and eyeshadow.

(Close up goodness!)

So far i have:
peticoat, By Candlelight, Comfort, Stereo rose, Porcelain Pink, Soft and Gentle, Ligt Flush, So Ceylon, Refined, Perfect topping and Warm Blend.

Perfect topping - swirls of lilac, peach, taupe and cream.
Soft and gentle - light luminous gold (my FAVOURITE msf!)
By candlelight - Peachy gold

So ceylon - Plumby brown
Warm blend - Swirls together to make a deep bronze.
Comfort - Matte light brown.

Petticoat - Rasberry pink, slight bronze tones in it also.
Porcelain Pink - very sheer pink with golden sheen.
Refined - Luminous light peach (another FAVOURITE!)

Left to right:
Stereo rose - Red toned coral.
Light flush - Light rasberry pink with strong peach sheen.

A few random tips:
Use msf's wet to create a more foiled intense colour and sheen, they are baked so it wont ruin the product!
Apply with a small dense kabuki like Macs 181 for a more precise application.
Dont tap your brush on the side of the product, i did this and it smashed! They are so fragile.

Whats your favourite MSF?


  1. I loved this post!

    I collect MSF's myself & own 21 so far! Im now trying to locate all the ones i dont have! I totally agree that they are Mac's star product!

    Amazing rediscovery <3

    My favourite has to be stereo rose or blonde as a blush or sunny by nature as a bronzer!


  2. I've never tried a MSF apart from the Natural ones but I'm definately going to pick one of these up now, they all look gorgeous! x

  3. Great collection. Thats a lot of MSFs. I think my favourite is Perfect Topping...such a pretty peachy glow it gives.

  4. I don't have any MSFs but would love to have got my hands on Stereo Rose :(

    T x

  5. Great collection.!!! I brought my first MSF for christmas this year haha... So i cant use it as of yet.


  6. You have so many pretty ones! I think my favorite would have to either be Petticoat or Perfect Topping :) And weird tidbit: I used my Cheeky Bronze MSF wet because I heard that it would be ok and it left a bit wet mark in the middle and ruined it :( Now I have to just use the product around that spot. Don't know why it happened but I was so sad.

  7. Wow what an amazing collection! I don't actually own an MSF but ready this post has made me think about purchasing one.....thanks Lauren!! xx

  8. Wow, you certainly love your MSFs lady! Porcelain Pink looks gorge xoxo

  9. Very jealous -I haven't had chance to get any of their msf's but they are top of my 'to buy list'; :)

  10. Love your blog :) check out mine-

  11. I've tagged/awarded you :)

    T x

  12. Lovely collection! Well done :-)