Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Top 5 Foundations For Winter ♥

I admit, i'm a foundation fiend.
Its bad i know, but i seem to have an obsession with finding the 'perfect foundation',
I like my skin to look even, clear and flawless because in my mind, if your skin is flawless, everything else looks great.
No matter how much pennies it costs me, i will cant put a price on gorgeous skin, right?
I'm always on the search for that 'better' foundation, my latest lemming is Guerlein's Lingerie de Peau.
Better start saving then.
My 'Summer foundations' such as Mac Face and body and Revlon photoready have been retired to the back of my makeup drawer and out come the winter ones.

My skins been playing up quite bad recently, i think it is because of the sudden change in weather. The past week ive woken up with dry patches and blotchy red skin (...attractive). So i'm needing abit more coverage and moisture then normal.

So these are my favourite foundations that i'm reaching for and loving at the moment:

Mac Moistureblend NW20
Ive been using this foundation alot on days where my skins been really parched needs moisture. the names in the title, Its one of the most moisturising foundations i have tried(...verging on maybe being a bit too moisturising?)
I love it anyways, it's medium coverage and can be built up to very full coverage without being cakey, You need to set it with powder though, or it will just slide right off.
This will be a must for me this winter.
RRP £22

DiorSkin Nude 02 Light Beige
I was really hesitant to splurge on this as the assistant at Dior said it was quite sheer...I went ahead and got it anyway - Sheer?! yes its liquidy but NOT sheer.
It covered all my redness and made my skin look so fault-free. It consists of quite a high percentige of water so its really soothing on my skin and hydrating. I find this foundation just sinks right into the skin, it does not rest on top of the skin like most foundations do and it leaves a fairly dewy finnish. I wore this on a night out and a friend said my skin looked 'airbrushed and glowing'. Thank you DiorSkin Nude haha.
RRP £29

Nars sheer Glow Mont blanc
This is neither sheer or neither does it glow. Its actuially medium coverage to full and rather matte - well, more a 'satin' finnish.
The finnish is beautiful though, it really evens out my skintone nicely with the smallest amount and looks like skin. You can tell the quiality of this foundation as no matter how many layers you build up, it wont go cakey. It blends like a dream also, you could just throw it on and it would look beautiful. I fell in love with this as soon as i used it!
I cant describe the finnish though, but its gorgeous.
RRP £29

Mac Studio Fix NW20
This is a tad dark for me so i mix it with a tiny bit of NW15.
This foundation is the thickest of them all, (...So thick, i had to buy i pump!)and the highest coverage...Its also has a very matte finnish, so i usually mis in some sort of illuminator to make it more dewy. I wear this on days when my skin is VERY uneven and its the one that i have repurchased the most. I think ive gone though about 3 bottles of this stuff. amazing! Will always have a bottle of this in my collection.
RRP £19

Revlon Colourstay Buff
The cheapest out of the lot at around £10. This really works just aswell as studio fix with its finnish, its fairly matte so i use an illuminator with it. I always wear this when i'm not doing much but my skin needs *something* on it.
Its fairly high coverage, more then all the others, but a little less then studio fix.
RRP £10

(they all sook so dark here for some reason?)

Left to right - Moistureblend, DiorSkin, Sheer Glow, Studio Fix, Colourstay

& the winner is...
Nars sheer glow. For the simple reason that is it FAB.

Oh, i also wanted to sneak in a NOTD in there ;)
I'm wearing Models Own Grey Day - LOVE this colour! Its the most perfect grey-ey blue ive found.

Can anyone reccomend me a good, full coverage foundation to try?
Whats your favourite?


  1. I never kow whether or not to invest in a good foundation (i.e £30) I really would love Nars sheer glow but I'm scared to spend that much incase i dont like it.
    Would you suggest that one is a good purchase?

  2. another amazing post!
    i have been tempted to try the MAC studio fix for a long time now, whats lightest colour it comes in?

  3. Have you tried Estee Lauder's double wear ? That one is definitely a full coverage and gives a really nice finish, not too matte and not too dewy!
    - beth x

  4. This is such a great post! You're just like me, collection foundations! It's my passion - lol! I would say that Estee Lauder's double wear is good one to try next, it's on my wish list, I have tried a sample and I'm desperate to get the full size :) x

  5. @ Lauren- I would give sheer glow a try. It is a great foundation if you want that lightweight flawless finnish. this is my second bottle of this now and i would say that a bottle lasts me a good 10 months of everyday use. So it is a great price in my mind (: x

    @ Hannah - Thanks! i'm pretty sure NC15 is the lighest it comes in (: x

    @ Beth - No i havnt yet, ive swatched some on the back of my hand and it covered very well, i really would love to try it, ive wanted iot forever! (: I think that may be my next foundation actually x

    @ Vivianna - thank you (: i know its a terrible passion isnt it? Most of my foundations get thrown out after 12 months because i never finnish some of them, so much money wasted haha x

  6. Sheer Glow is my Holy Grail -- I cannot live without it!

    I wanted to true Dior Nude but was put off by the words "sheer" but now I've seen this I may have to go back and purchase!


  7. i hate spending loads on foundation because i always find that i love it for a few weeks and then my skin must adapt to it or something and i have to try a new one.
    Do you switch between a handful of foundations at a time? x

  8. I'm exactly like you, I can never settle with one foundation and think 'I'll be forever happy with this' no matter how good it is! I really wanted to try Nars Sheer Glow and I definately think I'll check it out after reading this post. I also love the Revlon Colorstay and find it is quite similar to MAC Studio Fix, and my nearest CCO sell them 2 for £10 so I've got backups for when I run out of my Studio Fix!

    Very helpful post!


  9. I really want to try out the Dior Nude, I had the Dior Forever but hated it! x

  10. I love Dior Nude! I also have the powder foundation which is so0 good - Feels really light but still gives good coverage!!

    :) xxx

  11. Great post! I've been really into trying different foundations lately. I recently got a sample of Sheer Glow but sadly, I'm still undecided about it. I have oily skin but I feel like it makes the area around my mouth and chin look really dry :/ I thought it would look more glow-y, to be honest. I wish I loved it as much as everyone else search continues!

  12. Sweet post I really want to try MAC after I've finished my bourjois one :) xx

  13. I really want to try the Dior foundation.
    thanks for the review!

    check out my blog, and if you like it please subscribe :


  14. Thanks for this post!I love foundation too!I want Nars cheer glow asap!!
    hugs and kisses!!!

  15. ooooh i'll keep these in mind :D
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  16. I am foundation obsessed too, because I am always looking for something better and love trying out new stuff. Have you tried the maybelline dream smooth mousse yet? We dont have it in Canada yet, but I am aching to get that one. I agree that sheer glow is fabulous! ;)

  17. Thanks so much for this post - since the weathers gone bad my skins totally just dried out :-(

    My Doublewear has nearly finished, and is a little too longwearing t be moisturising so I was loking for a good winter foundation so I'll try a few of these :-)

  18. Great post. MAC studio fix is the one I have purchased the most too. :)

  19. I've been dying to get Nars sheer glow for soooo long but me nearest nars counter is about 300 miles away!I'm starting to think its worth the trip!

  20. I love Revlon Colorstay!!! :D Nice picks! :) What's your skintype?

  21. OMG! love your blog! wow!
    I'm a new follower! :)

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