Sunday, 3 October 2010

September Favourites ♥

Wheres all the time going to? I cant believe its October. It'll be christmas before we know it!
So, Its that time of the month to share my favourite products...

This month ive been using alot more different products, ive veered out of using my usual pink bright colours and have gone for the more nude/beige colours...I blame the utterly crap weather thats hit the UK the past couple of weeks. Ive really been enjoying using nude more warmer tones, it makes me look more alive and healthy.

So heres the (...long!) list of products ive been using and loving in the month of September:

Cheek Products:
Benefit Hoola - Gorgeous matte, true brown bronzer, will never use another ever again!
Sleeks Contour Kit - I LOVE this. Ive had it quite a while and never used it much, but i rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago and the highlighter is gorgeous. Its very similar to Mac's vanilla pigment but in pressed form. The contour powder is now my staple.
Cargo Coral Beach - An old favourite. I adore this so much, Its a bronzer, blush & highlighter all in one. Really defines the cheek and adds a lovely golden glow. Been wearing this almost every day. Its one of thise blushes that you can just slap on and it will look good.
Mac Springshine Blush - Ive been weaing this on nights out. I think it translates in photo's really well and makes your cheeks glow. Lovely golden peach sheen, a tad lighter then Nars Orgasm.
Dior Amber Glow - Hands down my most used product in september. It really is worth the hefty price tag as its the best highlighter ive ever used. makes you look so fresh and adds a lovely dewy glow. Looks gorgeous as an all over eye colour also. I'm a bit hesitant to use it alot though as i wont beable to just rush out and buy it when its finnished!

Lip products:
Mac Lip Erase - I know i kow, Concealer lips! Not my usual look, however i find that if i apply it lightly it nudes out the bright red pigmentation in my lips nicely. Ive been rocking the 'nude' lips quite alot this month along with a smokey eye and very messy hair (:
Palmers Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip Butter- The weathers been cold, windy and rainy this month and this has been my saviour. It adds moisture, tastes and smells yummy aswell as leaving a beautiful shiney glaze to the lips. I put this over the top of Lip Erase.


Mac Studio Sculpt - New HG concealer for cold weather! I find this really moisturizing on my dry skin and it covers my dark circles really well. Perfect! Ive been using this pretty much everyday, it also covers redness on my face quite well. I love this so much, ive even baught a backup (:

Urban Decay Naked Palette - I think this is featuring is most peoples favourites this month! This is my most used palette ever now. I could literally use this every day of my life and id be a very happy bunny and its so easy having everything in one small handy little palette. My favourite colours are: Naked, Virgin and Smog.

Mac 217 Blending Brush - My first Mac eyeshadow brush and i can safely say i will be buying alot more! Ive used this everyday since i got it and it blends out eyeshadow like a dream! Ive been using this for every purpose actually, all over lid colour, crease and highlighter. Love it.

Mac 109 - I used to use this for foundation but its sheds quite alot so now i use it for highlighter and blush and its the perfect size since for my face shape, i find that the Mac 129 is just far too big for blush and highlighter.

Beauty Blender - This was featured in my last favourites post! I couldnt live without this now. If i could just use one foundation aplicator for the rest of my life, it would be this. Its so simple to use and gets my foundation done in a matter of seconds!

So that everything, Next month i'll probably be back to my good old corals and pinks despite the weather!


  1. That Palmers Lip Butter sounds lovely!

  2. The Palmers lip butter sounds yummy!!!

  3. Love your favourites. I really want dior amber diamond but the price is really putting me off, you mention it a few times on your blog and you are slowly building my confidence to buy it lol x

  4. That foundation applicator looks so helpful! Perhaps I oughta get me one :)

  5. lovely lovely favourites! i am desperate to get the Urban Decay Naked Pallette!
    just wondering , have you tried any Sigma brushes?!
    love you blog so so so much , could read it all day! :)

  6. woah i need that Palmers lip balm!!
    also I've been looking at the MAC concealers and couldn't decide - I think you just helped me!

  7. Thanks everyone (:

    @Charlotte - Go for it! Its a bit of a splurge but its worth it! Ive had mine quite a while and you cant even tell ive used it (: xx

    @Hannah - Thanks (: & yes i have tried Sigma brushes, i'm actually going to do a review on a few of the ones i have in a week or so, one of my favourite brushes is by them! xx

  8. Great haul, I would love to try ALL of those products :)
    And I couldn't agree more- the Naked palette is gorgeous. Every girl needs it!

  9. Great favourites :D
    I'm really tempted to try the beauty blender, I would love to read a review !
    - Beth x

  10. Yay! i loook forward to it :) thankyou xx

  11. great list, thanks for sharing :) I'm looking to invest in some nicer makeup brushes and I'm stuck between Mac and sigma! I've heard people say great things about both. I have a few mini mac brushes but I must not be using the right numbers for the right things because I'm not loving them :( xx

  12. I would have considered it but i have just orderd wayyy to much from the Mac VV collection,im actually rather dissapointed in myself lol x

  13. thats a nice September favourites! how r u finding your hoola??

  14. I want the MAC 109 for contouring but I've heard from multiple people now that it sheds :( I cannot stand having to pick brush hairs off of my face! I love your favorites, though :) Can't wait to finally pick up Hoola soon! x

  15. Oh I want that Palmers Lip Butter! Great reviews. Once again, I am immensely jealous and in complete awe of your make-up collection! x

  16. Wow I love everything you picked out here! Totally agree with the MAC 109 aswell, I used to use it for foundation but it shed wayyy to much, so much better for highlighter and blush :) x

  17. Lauren you need to get twitter!! I feel Im missing out on potential beauty chats with you!! x

  18. Hi, loving your blog! It's really interesting that you say Mac's studio sculpt concealer is really moisturising for you. I just got some of this a couple of weeks ago and I have pretty oily skin but I find it quite a drying concealer haha! Wierd!
    Zoe xx