Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Nars Blushes, The Best Out There? ♥

Nars is probably my favourite brand of makeup and even, shockingly, outshines Mac...Not by much though, only a fraction, Mac is my second love (:
If i could only choose one brand to buy, it would be Nars, hands down.
The quality of their products is of the upmost highest and i see Nars as a 'luxury' brand that i only buy in small amounts.

Ive dabbled in a few different Nars products and thaught they were all fab, but the real king (...or queen if you prefer...) of Nars products are their blushes!

Everyone has heard someone rave about Nars blushes at some point and they are quite hyped up, and they are worth every little bit of hype they get.

I remember buying my first Nars blush a while back and cringing as i handed over my cash to the assistant, my dad behind me was shaking his head at the fact of buying a blush close to the £20 mark (...hes a man, he dosnt understand, right? ) .
Ever since then ive been determined to collect the colours i love, even if i do go bankrupt in the process haha.
The colours i own:

Left picture:

Mata Hari - Matte medium pink with a purple undertone.
Gina - Matte deep peach.
Desire - Matte neon blue toned pink.
Torrid - Red toned coral shot through with fine gold glitter.

Right piture:
Cactus Flower - Bright poppy red with gold flecks, cream blush.
Zen - Matte beige brown with slight pink undertone.
Orgasm - Peachy pink with gold sheen.
Albatross - White gold sheen.

Left to right: Albatross, Cactus flower, Matahari, Desire, Torrid, Gina, Orgasm, Zen.

However much it pains you to part with the dosh, it really is worth it.
I think of it as an investment, One Nars blush will probably last you forever.

What i love -
The pigmentation is incredable! One dab of a brush is enough. Cactus flower and Desire actually are still visable on my arm where i swatched them despite all the scrubbing to remove them!They dont stain your face though!
They apply like a dream and blend effortlessly.
Last years.
AMAZING colour range.
& Finally -
The packaging...
I cant rave enough about Nars packaging. Its sleek, Compact and durable. Some people complain about their compacts going sticky as they are made from a rubbery material, but i havnt had any issues with any of mine and some of them have been bashing around in my bag for a while.
The size is perfect, Not too small or too big and the name of each blush is named clearly on the back. I only wish there was a Nars counter closer to where i live, as the nearest one for me to get to is London and i only go there a couple of times a year...Suppose that could be a good thing though really as i would probably be in there right now spending all my money if there was a Nars near me haha.
(Sorry for the very long rave about Nars blushes, but i just needed to air my love for these beauties!)
What do you think of Nars blushes? or just their products in general?


  1. I have 2 Nars blushes,deepthroat and pennylane and i really love them. The packaging is gorgous and is what initially drew me in. Im almost sure there is a nars counter in leeds in harvey nics..could be wrong as iv never actually seen it but im almost certain x

  2. I have the Nars- Laguna,Orgasm Duo and I love them. I love the look of Albatross, can I ask how you use it? :-)

  3. Never mind dads, my mum would shake her head. She doesn't understand what the big fuss is about buying quality makeup, she's into natural beauty. :P

  4. Which one is your favourite? I don't own any Nars products, but I've been seriously considering investing in "Orgasm" this pay day - it's been so raved about! x

  5. I only have Orgasm but I really love it. I swatch the blushes every time I go into Sephora and it's quite obvious that they are amazing quality. Next I want Taj Mahal and Madly :) Cactus Flower is gorgeous too!

  6. Ahh I've never tried Nars and i'm looking for a good concealer so maybe i shall give it a whirl! I'm not sure about blush I'm so pale I'm scared I'll look too done up :( xx

  7. Wow that is quite a collection you have there :) I'm rather jealous !!
    I definitely need to get on the nars bandwagon I'm totally missing out !
    - beth x

  8. Haha awww you have so many! But thats reassuring that they really are good, so I will defo need to check Nars out good and proper! Been meaning to for a while now, just wouldnt know where to start. Blush seems like a good plan :) xx

  9. Nars blushes are amazing, jealous of your collection :)
    Which is your fav?

  10. I love the NARS blushes I have and can't wait til I can afford to buy more.

  11. Deep Throat and Albatross are my favourite. I wear them both together


  12. I absolutely adore NARS blushes and definitely need a few more in my life... xoxo

  13. I would do ANYTHING to be able to afford all of those blushers, they're so beautiful and the packaging just screams quality.
    Serious eye candy!

    http://lovelaughlauren.blogspot.com/ ♥

  14. classicfashiondiary.blogspot.com

  15. Wow thats one gorgeous collection, i dont own any nars yet xx

  16. Totally agree! Such a lovely collection! I would recommend Deep Throat and Madly, they are such lovely shades x

  17. I keep thinking about getting a nars blush, I usually use MAC ones! I might have to grab a couple after seeing this post though!