Saturday, 4 September 2010

Haul Time! Urban Decay Naked Palette, Book Of Shadows 3 and Mac ♥

So, I went shopping yesterday, originally going to buy JUST Mac's Face and Body foundation, but instead came out with two Urban Deacay eyeshadow palettes...and no foundation, typical!

So, there i was in Debenhams surrounded by makeup, i glanced over towards the UD stand and spotted the Naked Palette! I thaught i would never get my hands on this. I sprinted, yes, sprinted, towards it and grabbed one. It was like one of those slow motion movies haha.
A women there was just stocking up the shelfs with the new UD NYC book of shadows 3. I was unsure weather to get this aswell as i'm trying to save my money, but the lovely woman completely sold it to me and said that if i did not get it now, i will never do, because its going to fly off the shelfs like mad.
So i caved and baught the first one in the shop.

The Naked palette.
Everyones seen this now. Its the most gorgeous nude palette, So well put together with the right amount of matte and shimmery shades. I can already tell that this is going to be my new favourite thing in my makeup collection!

I havent had a chance to use this yet, but when i do, there will be a review!
Price £27

Urban Decay NYC Book Of Shadows 3.
Wow, just wow.
The packaging on this is GORGEOUS, Not so much the outside, but the inside pop up bit.
It has LED lights, how amazing is that?
A totally useless and pointless function, but oh so amazing, a big thumbs up to urban decay for thinking this up!
Theres also a great variety of colours in this, i think some of them are new. The colours that caught my eye the most are 'Last call' and 'Rockstar'.

Very excited to give this palette a go. Expect a full review of this also (:
Price - £30

Then when id finnished at Urban Decay, i skipped off to the Mac area. They had no face and body foundation there, So instead i treated myself to a Mac 217 eye blending brush and a Blushcreme in Ladyblush.

I got the Mac brush purley to apply my new eyeshadows with, So happy i got it! Its my first mac eyeshadow brush as i usually use my trusty smashbox ones. Will see how i get on with this. Price - £14
Ladyblush is to wear on really cold days in winter, As my skin gets so dry, I love the dewyness this gives. Price £16.50

Despite not getting what i originally set out to buy and spending far more then what i wanted to, I'm SO ecstaticly, unbelievably, ridiculously happy with my new goodies! (:


  1. Great Haul. I have Ladyblush and its a really nice colour. Did you come to scarborough today?

  2. @ Charlotte - Yes i did! Went and did a bit of shopping and stuff (: Go there nearly every saturday, Lovely place. xx

  3. If you dont mind me asking,where r u from?
    Its an alright place,not much to do but really pretty.Did u see the big wheel? I nearly died of fright when i went on it lol x

  4. Oh man, I'd be ecstatically happy with those purchases too! You are queen of make-up x

  5. @ Charlotte - I'm from York (: Have you been there?
    No i didnt, i just went round the Brunswick centre and the shops round there :P I'd be too scared to go on it! haha.

    @ Emma - haha thanks :D xx

  6. i've been wanting these so badly! i love love love these colors!

  7. I'm so jealous you have the Book of Shadows 3! It looks amazing! You should definitely do some FOTDs with it :)

  8. I want the NAKED palette so badly i've heard soo many good reviews on it ! x

  9. I'm so jealous I'm majorally lusting after the NAKED palette but I don't have a UD counter near me and I couldn't find it online, :'( boooo! x

  10. I love the Naked Palette..Its so pretty, my favourite thing at the moment : )


  11. Oooohh i'm so jealous of you :D
    Lovely purchases x

  12. I love love your blog girly! I've been wanting to get my hands on the UD Naked pallette too, you are SO lucky you were able to get your hands on it! And that NYC one has a great variety of colors too.

  13. ah, i'm so jealous! I purchased Lady Blush a few months ago, and still can't decide if I like it! I love the color, but it just feels so greasy on me and seems to settle into my pores!

  14. these all look amazing! lovely post.
    im now following you btw :) xo

  15. omg, what an amazing post! love your new make up! it almost makes me want to run out and buy it :)