Friday, 24 September 2010

Small Mac Haul ♥

Sorry for all the haulin' posts.
I was driving past my CCO this morning and they stock up on a thursday could i resist fully replenished shelfs of Mac goodies?

I told myself - 'Lauren...restrain yourself and only buy one thing'
Well, that didnt work. They had oodles of new products lined up looking pretty and just waiting to be baught (:

The first thing i spotted was the Vintage Grape blush ombre. I wasnt sure weather to pick it up or not as it looks a bit too purple but there was only a few left so i thaught i'd give it a try. Its actually not as dark as it looks when on the skin. Its more like a candy pink with slight purple undertones. No bruised look though!

I was then ready to go and pay...

... but to my left i spotted this beauty - Macs Mineralize skinfinnish in Warm Blend. I'm a sucker for MSF's. I have far too many but only own two other bronzey shades. Its a bit strong for my pale skin but the lovely woman at my CCO suggested to use a fan brush and brush it on lightly. It can also double as a pretty neutral eyeshadow.
£ 13.50

Keeping in with the bronzey/golden theme i then picked up Enough Said beauty powder blush. Its a gorgeous tan, peachy brown colour with gold shot through it. Its so pretty on and i have nothing like this in my collection.

& lastly i got a Lipglass in Ember Glow. i'm all over coral lips at the moment and when i swatched this i fell in love. Its actually quite opaque and with two coats it could be quite a pop of intense colour. I dont have many mac lipglosses (...maybe about 4?) as i dont really care for them, but this one is a definate exception. Gorgeous!

(terrible lighting, sorry!)
So there you go, probably my last haul from mac for a couple of weeks or so, I'm trying to branch out on other brands and i really want to try some more Cargo stuff. I'm also going to try my best not to spend money as i'm trying my very best to save up for a Mulberry Roxanne!


  1. All of these look gorgeous! Let us know how they look on

  2. Amazing haul! I love everything! Can't wait for looks wearing these products!

  3. You have the most amazing mac hauls from the CCO love everything you bought :)
    Can i ask what your nearest mac is please?
    As my nearest is York (i live in Leeds) & was wondering if it was the same i would pop over this weekend!
    Thanks xxx

  4. @*Dainty*Dollymix* - Thanks (: The CCO i go to is the York one, its the only one i know of around here. Its the one in Designer Outlet,the big shopping center. They have some really good things in at the moment. Id hurry before they go! xx

  5. Vintage Grape looks gorge! Lovely autumn colour. xoxo

  6. Im definatly definatly going tomorrow!! dont care what the boyfriend says lol x

  7. If there was a CCO near me, I would be bankrupt :) xx

  8. Haha you know theres going to be another haul soon ;)! You got some great stuff - my friend has ember glow and I have been wanting it for ages - lucky girl! x

  9. i love Vintage Grape blush ombre so i think you made a good good choice!

  10. Ooh these all look lovely, make me want to go shopping! :)


  11. Again; jealous jealous jealous! x