Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mac Lipstick Collection & Review ♥

Lipsticks, along with blush are my favourite makeup product. A lipstick can change your look all together and i cant seem to leave the house without *some* sort of lip product on my lips, i just feel 'naked' without it.

Mac lipsticks are quite well known, some people love them and some people dont seem to see understand why they are so well loved.
I, myself think they are good. Not phenominal but just good, and quite average.
They 'do the job' in other words.
So why do i have so many? Mac have the most outstanding range of colours and finnishes that blow any brand out of the water!
(for reference, my favourite brand is YSL and Benefit for lippies, but their colour range and finishes are a bit, blah.)

So here are the Pinks:

Left to right - Girl About Town, Gladiola, Snob, Pervette, Pretty Please, Pure Rose.

I love my pink lipsticks. Especially bright pinks for nights out and special occasions. Mac do a fabulous range of pinks. Apologies for the swatches here, the sheer lipsticks dont really show up on my skin but do look gorgeous on the lips.

Next the Nude shades.

Left to right - Creme d' Nude, Myth, Vanitys Child.

Nude lips are really hard for me to pull off, somtimes if i pick the wrong shade of nude, it compleatly makes me look so ill. So i try and pick a brown/peach colouled nude. They are quite hard to find, hence why i only have 3 lonely nudes. Mac does some other great nude shades also, such as fleshpot and blankety.

And, finally the Corals:

Left to right - Shy Girl, Jazzed, Colour Me Coral, Lollipop Loving.

Ah, Corals are my favourite colour to wear, since i have fair skin. Its really hard to find a good coral shade that dosnt look ridiculous and clown like...Mac does every shade of coral you could think of!


These are all the finishses they come in (Barry M take note!):
(i think ive named them all?)
My favourite finnish by far is a CremeSheen. They suit my lips best, Not too pigmented or too sheer, Too dry or too glossy and they last a good while on my lips. keep them out out of the heat though, or they wil bcome a sticky, melted mess.
Frost finnish is my least favourite finnish, hence why i only have 1 frost, Colour me coral, which i rarley use. Far too drying and...well, frosty i suppose.


Price wise? They are £12.50, Not bad i dont think. A YSL lipstick will set you back around £20 and considering some drugstore lipsicks are around £8, They are quite cheap for a 'high end' brand.

So my favourite out of the lot, are *drum roll please*

Snob, Creme d' Nude and Jazzed.

Here the swatches on my Lips:

Left to right - Snob, Creme d' Nude and Jazzed.

Now all i really want is a good RED Mac lipstick, I'm thinking Mac's Ladybug?
Whats your favourite Mac lipstick?


  1. I only have 1 mac lipstick, thinking of getting a lipglass and Ive heard about a red which is really good but totally blanked on the name!

  2. I really love Mac's Hue, Pure Rose, and Pleasureseeker
    Also a good Mac red is Ruby Woo
    if cool toned reds suit you, it's really nice.
    Looks very classy.

  3. I'm so jealous, I would do anything for this collection!
    Lucky you :)

  4. I love Mac Lipsticks! Creme d nude and snob are on my list. Great post as always xx

  5. Lovely collection!! I love MAC lipsticks :)
    My favourite is Blankety, its gorgeously pigmented and still creamy for an Amplified finish!
    - beth x

  6. ahh i need more MAC in my life :')
    what a fab collection xxxx

  7. Cockney is a nice red lipstick from MAC. MAC do some great, classic reds though. If you don't mind matte then go for Ruby Woo, it's divine.

    Creme Cup, Angel and Impassioned are probably my favourite MAC lippies to date but this post has convinced me I need Snob in my life and soon!


  8. I don't own ONE MAC lippy... this may be rectified soon, though, thanks to you! I can't quite believe how much you have; I'm so envious! Lovely post, as per usual x

  9. I am utterly jealous of your collection :( x

  10. wow thats quite a collection!
    I love lipstick but i'm not sure if i can pull it off, whenever i put it on a end up wiping it right back of again.
    what would you suggest for a starter shade?
    also i love your blog, i'm now following :)

  11. Thanks everyone (:

    @ head over heals - hmmm, it all depends on personal prefrence really (: but i think Creme d' Nude or Shy Girl will suit almost everyone (:

  12. wow thats a lovely collection, i have 6 mac lipsticks but will definately be collecting more, thanks for the photos its really helpful xx

  13. wow, you have a lot! i have one, a lustre in cockney, and it's just... ok. i'd rather spend another £10 and get a chanel one, really :/

  14. Great ccollection! I love MAC lipsticks too, they're a little bit of an obsession with me

  15. wow your a lippie fanatic! I love all of them! ;) xxx new follower

  16. i wish i wore lipstick more these colors are gorgeous! loving your blog :)

    visit/follow me!!

  17. all pretty colors

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  18. Thanks for showing us your collection - we have exactly the same taste in lippies! Love the pinks and creamsheen finishes and hate the frosts! Frosts are not a good look I stupidly picked up Plink but sold in a blog sale! x

  19. wow that's a lot of lipsticks! They all look so lush xo

  20. Tagged you in my latest post hun. Here. :)