Thursday, 23 September 2010

Collective Haul & Update ♥

Sorry for not blogging for a week or so, Ive just started my final year of a 3 year course in college, so its been quite hectic, running round like a headless chicken and on top of that Ive just enrolled on a media makeup and photography course. busy busy busy! I'm all settled in now though and have a good routine set up, I have thursdays and fridays free so that means blogging time (:

Ive been trying not to buy so much makeup, i have cut down *slightly* but i cant resist a good buy when i see one, So here is what ive accumilated over the past couple of weeks...

I ordered Mac's Face and body foundation and Studio Sculpt concealer a couple of weeks ago just because i wanted to try them out. I wasnt holding up much hope for Face and body as i do like heavier coverage but after seeing it on Charlottes blog, i thaught id give it a go, It looks lovely on her skin!

Face and Body - £23
Studio Sculpt £13

Then i popped over to my nearest CCO (...which is only up the road!) and picked up this brush, I head its good for cream foundation. It was the last in the shop, so i grabbed it...

Mac 189 - £14 Bargin!

A couple of shops away from my CCO is the body shop Depot, it sells lots of Body shop things that are discontinued and old stock. Ive been wanting these blushes for a while...simply because they remind me of MSF's and look so pretty. I tried the peachy one on this morning and its beautiful on the skin.

Cool Dusk - £3
Warm Sunset - £3
RRP £12 each!

On my last post i said i wanted to give a Red lipstick a go from Mac, So i got one!
It was between Ruby Woo and Ladybug...I went for Ruby woo as its just a classic matte red. Its gorgeous, I feel like i'm in the 1950's when i wear it!
I also spotted Peach Nuance at my Estee Lauder counter and it reminds me of Ripe Peach which i sadly missed out on and i had a £10 voucher, so it was quite a bargin.
Ofcourse i cant go into town without going into Lush, i was on the hunt for a good handcream for winter. The lady at Lush was so helpful and suggested that i should give Smitten a try. It smells SO yummy, Like marzipan. Yum.

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick - £12.50
Estee Lauder Peach Nuance - £14 (without voucher £24)
Lush Smitten - £6

Last but by no means least...I got an iPhone 4! eeeeee.
I wanted the white one, but its not out yet and i'm so impatient i couldnt wait haha.

A big hello to all my new followers!


  1. The Body Shop blushes look so pretty! Good price too.

  2. oooo that brush was a bargin!!!

  3. Wow, that foundation brush really was a bargain! And from swatches I've seen floating around, Peach Nuance looks GORGEOUS! I think you made a good choice by getting Ruby Woo. I have Ladybug but it's such a glossy tomato red color that I usually opt for something else when I want to wear red. I think the orange undertones just don't work on me :/

  4. I love smitten, i've got really sensitive hands and this is my go to hand cream, I'm gutted they're discontinuing it. If you like the smell you'll probably like marzibain bubble bar (only on retro) and snowcake soap (christmas only) because they smell identical.

    I really want to try a mac foundation but I don't know if i can justify spending that much on a foundation. do you think it's worth the money?

  5. what a great haul! :) haha I love having a nosy at other peoples shopping trips. Ive been pondering buying a red lippie recently, I've nearly hit pan on my mac msf and I think thats me got a back to mac (its 6 items, right?) so I think a nice red is on the cards :) will defo need to test the two you mentioned! xx

  6. Great haul. You're so lucky to live near a CCO! xoxo

  7. Those blushes look lovely!

    My boyfriend got the iPhone 4 in black, too! Everybody seems to want the white one though 0=

  8. Ooh lovely purchases! I love bargains! xo

  9. i wanted the white iphone too but i heard rumors that they might not even come out with it. so i got the black one instead LOL

    * im your newest follower, i love your blog

  10. Look forward to hearing what you think of Face and Body. Im coming to york tomorrow and insist on stopping off at the cco on the way lol x

  11. Thanks everyone (:

    @willworkformakeup - I really want to try Ladybug aswell! I quite like tomato-ey reds (: xx

    @hannah xo -I have snowcake soap and i love it!
    & Yes! i think its worth the money. Some people dont really like Mac foundations, i think they are not all that expensive compared to some other brands like Dior and Chanel, but in my opinion they are just as good. I reccomend Studio Fix fluid for your first Mac foundation! xx

    @Ayden - I love having a nosey too haha. & yes its 6 back to Mac's (: atleast, i think it is xx

    @beauty ambition - yeah i heard that too! I also heard they are coming out around christmas... I really hope they do come out with a white one though, i really want one! xx

    @charlotte - oh no, i was at the CCO today! would of been nice to bump into you! have fun there if you do go, i picked myself up Vintage grape blush ombre and warm blend mineralize skinfinnish! They have loads in at the moment! xx

  12. i love love your blog!
    love the items you got , i really wanted try them body shop blushes and for £3! :O bargain!

    lovely post xxx

  13. A media make up and photography course sounds like so much fun!

    T x

  14. loving Body Shop at the moment, i'm so strange i work next to lush and have never bought or used anything from there! I really want to x

  15. Wow these 2 The Body Shop blushes look so pretty!! :) I wish I could get an iphone too!

    Btw new follower here! ;)

  16. Now that's what I call a nifty make-up haul! :) Enjoy your I-Phone! I'm getting addicted to Angry Beavers on the phone. hihi.