Sunday, 17 October 2010

Beauty Blender Review ♥

Ive been raving about this in a few of my posts and this deffinitely deserves a review of its own.
See this little pink sponge below? it works mirricals.

Id seen alot of reviews of this hot pink sponge all over and i was intrigued. I was slightly dubious of its (...rather cheesey) claims, shich were to 'modernise the way you make up' and how 'you can look like a movie star without the pricey services of a major make up artist'.
I thaught it would just be one of those gimmicky things that, in reality do nothing.

I'm a sucker for gimmickey things, so i baught.

When i opened the envelope, i was quite suprised to see how small it was. I was expecting something alot more bigger
(...things always look bigger online, dont they? No pun intended).

After scanning the instructions, i did as it said and ran it under some water and squeezed out the excess. It expands by nearly double its size which then covers more surface area and also stops it soaking up your foundation.

Left - before. Right - after.

The texture of the sponge is quite weird, I was expecting quite a scratchy sponge - Think bath sponges - but this is the softest thing ive felt!
On the website they even say 'Its suede texture is sensual to the touch' and I agree.

Its very squishy and has a tapered end, which i assume is ment for concealer and getting around the nose and other hard to reach places that a brush couldnt get to.

I find this sponge really makes foundation appliction 2x faster and well, more 'enjoyable', as i dont really want to be buffing foundation into the skin for 5 minuites untill my arm aches at 6am in the morning haha. This sponge litterally had cut my foundation application down to literally a minite. yay!
It desperses the product fast and evenly on the face with no streaks what so ever.This is down to its 'patent-pending elliptical shape' which makes it special to the normal quare shaped sponges.

What i like best about the sponge is it can be used with cream products, liquid products,concealer, powder foundation and cream blush, Ive even used the tapered bit to apply benefit's high beam and it worked fab. So nect time i go on holiday, this will be coming with me as it does lots of jobs in one.

I got some cleanser with it, but ive found that using just warm water and just any mild shampoo works just as well.

I dont think these are avilable in the UK (grrr) but you can find them on eBay (...which is where i got mine...) for around £20 for 2 sponges + cleaner sachets and they last about 7 months a sponge, from experience.

So, overall, i REALLY recommend you try this!
Have you got a Beauty Blender? What do you think?


  1. When I was in NY last christmas I bought sephoras version of this which I liked but I think the beauty blender is supposed to be much better!!! I really want to try it - especially if it makes applying foundation much faster! xx

  2. I really ought to try this as I've seen it on so many blogs! Great review, I think you've convinced me to buy it next time I visit Sephora!

  3. thanks so much for sharing xxx

  4. Ooo I keep eyeing this up on! I got the Sephora version when I went to France and I'm not that impressed, but I might have to try this one xx

  5. GossMakeUpArtist also swears by this too. I think I may have to invest xxx

  6. Wow, I definitely need to try one of these! xoxo

  7. never even heard of this sponge before but I'm a complete sucker for new gimmicky products so I think I shall put it on my things-to-purchase-on-pay-day shopping list! It sounds like a great idea and I love the thought of one teensy sponge that can do loads of different jobs :)

  8. Ive been wanting to buy this for ages now. Unfortunately they don't sell them at the sephora's in Canada. Will hopefully get it the next time I am in the states.
    Thanks for the great review.

  9. wow i need this! ihate applying my foundation so anything that helps im in! xx

  10. I have always been curious about this, i saw a tweet the other day and saw that cosmpolitan have done a "dupe" of the beauty blender x

  11. everyone has been raving about this!! i might need to try! thanks for the review doll xoxo