Monday, 22 November 2010

Collective Ring Haul ♥

My obsession with rings is growing stronger week by week, i now cant seem to leave the house without a hand laden in them. I even sneaked a couple of small rings on for work, despite the strict 'No jewellery' rule. I feel naked without them now.
My ring drawer no longer closes so i need to think up some genius way of storing them - any suggestions?

Over the past few weeks ive been on the hunt for some unusual, statement rings & ive found a few bargins along the way.

The first two i got were the two skull rings.
Ive been fascinated with skull rings for quite some time now, they're not everyone cup of tea, but i really like them, i think they make an outfit look a bit different & more...edgy?
Skull with flower - Matalan £6
Normal skull - Topshop £10

My favouirte is the one with the flower & its a complete steal at £6!
Quick snap on the London eye!

The next ones i got were these huge chunky cocktail rings from H&M...
Cheap as chips, some might think they are tacky but i embrace a bit of tackiness sometimes!
The bright turquoise one i think would look lovely with china glaze 'for Audrey' or Barry M 'Turquoise' in the summer.

Turquoise Ring - £2.99
Pearl Ring - £1.99
Vintage Gold Ring With Pearl Center - £2.99

The next two are aslo from Matalan. Gorgeous marbelled stones, i could'nt decide what colour to get, so...i got both. They are quite simple, so i got them to layer with other rings. Matalans jewellery is a bit hit and miss, but at the moment is really nice and quite quirky! The same as Topshop but about half the price.

Both were - £3.99

The last ring ive got is my new favourite!
It popped through my letterbox a few days ago and ive worn it every day since...
I know its been floating around lookbook and various blogs quite a bit recently, but i first heard about it when one of my favourite youtubers Barbara -
( ThePersianbabe )
mentioned it on one of her videos. Loved the look of it, So i rushed onto ASOS and ordered a gold one in medium.
I cant even count the amount of compliments ive had on it! I was in Miss Selfridges the other day and somehow it became the topic of conversation amongst all the staff in there, they are all ordering one too!
Its suprisingly comfortable for a double finger ring aswell, it dosnt restrict your movement too much.
Im actually going to order myself a silver one tonight i think.

Gold double finger cross ring - £8

Anyone reccomend anywhere for cheap cocktail rings?


  1. very cute rings! i want all of them! haha

  2. I absolutely adore the skull with flower ring! xoxo

  3. the skull rings are gorgeous! i love them x

  4. Omg, I absolutely LOVE the skull with flower ring!! x

  5. loving that matalan skull ring !! x

  6. I absolutely love the marbled stone rings! So pretty :) Great choices.

  7. your ring collection is so pretty! i especially love how funky the skull rings look. although my favorite of the batch is the pretty turquoise one.

  8. Love your ring haul, the sugar skulls are my fave, I love a good skull ring xxxx

  9. thats quite a collection! all the rings from matalan are absolutely gorgeous - i need to get down there pronto! x

  10. Love the rings, you have a lovely collection,

    I've given you a blog award on my blog :)


  11. love these rings! especially the skull ones!
    lovely post!

  12. I have the cross too and keep getting loads of compliments on it! I want it in silver too :)


  13. oooh loving all these rings xxx

  14. these look amazing. i love anything that is really eyecatching and stands out. i'm sure you wont seeloads of people wearing the same thing when you go out with these on =)

  15. I was eyeing up the silver cross ring on asos for ages and never ended up buying it, but last night when i went to get it they solf out. I saw here was a one size in mens in black, so i went for that one instead. God knows if it'll fit though. We'll soon see! ha.
    also loving the skull rings!! x

  16. All those rings are so gorgeous!
    Love them<3

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  17. these are lovely. i'm obsessed with rings too. maybe galibardy? accesorize aren't too bad either. enter my giveaway? x hivennn.

  18. i love rings. i keep mine in a bowl by my door and i just grab a few before i leave! i like getting mine at charity shops.



  19. I love the skull rings! I also can't leave the house without a ring on! My fingers will seem so naked!

    xo, Jay

  20. GORG RINGS!!! My fave ones are the cross and skull =) Makes me really want to add to my (little) ring collection.

  21. LOVE that skull with a flower. TOO cute!! xx

  22. OMG! I'm soo in love with your skull rings! :)

  23. amazing rings:) we have the same skull rings from topshop:)xx pls visit i think you will like it;) have a lovely xmas!!

  24. So pretty :) Love the skull rings :) x

  25. Amazing collection of rings!! I am a ring obsessed girl myself! Feel free to stop by my blog :)

    Have a lovely Christmas!:)