Saturday, 8 January 2011

Some New Additions ♥

I know, i know, ive not done a blog post in a while but ive actually been away from home for quite some time and only been accessing blogger, via iPhone. So i couldnt really do any decent posts ):
Anyways, Happy belated 2011!
Nothings happened so far really. Ive made resolutions, several infact & 2 of them have already failed miserably:
1 - Buy less makeup...that was never going to be succesful, was it?
2 - Drink less diet coke...Had 5 cans today already! hmph.

I had a lovely christmas & aquired a few things that i wanted for a long long time.
Let me introduce you to my new additions:
Now, ive wanted this for years&years&years. So when i finally got my hands on it early january(with help of christmas money.) i was a very happy girl!
Ive had many 'Alexander mcqueen' ripoff versions, but its nice to have the real deal.
It took me, literally, hours to choose which color to get. Because at £14o, its not just a 'grab whatever colour' sorta thing.
Opted for black though, as i think it will go with most outfits.
its ALOT lighter then what i expected it to be, but it really is a statement piece.

Next up - Michael kors Mk5085 watch.
I'm not a huge fan of full gold watches. However, gold & black...i love.
I wear alot of black clothes (Boring - i know, i know) with alot of gold toned accesories. so this watch is just perfect.
After doing a bit of reaserch, i found out that apparently this specific model was only exclusive to ASOS? I'm not sure about that as i picked this up at a designer outlet near me...
And finally, last but definitely not least. My my most anticipated item...

Coral YSL arty ring.

Isnt it gorgeous?!?
Santa kindley left this under my tree and i actually squealed when i opened it!
these have been all over blogs recently which, ofcourse made me want it even more, but at £115 its quite alot to shell out on for just a ring.
....but it is actually the most beautiful ring ive layed eyes on. Such an 'in your face' type of piece.

I would also love the turquoise one, oh and the pink...and also the dark blue one. well, all of them! I see a very expensive addiction coming on haha.

The only thing ive found with these rings however is, they are so small fitting! I had to get one of the biggest sizes ( ...size 6 i think.) & My mother couldnt even fit the biggest one on her little finger.
Anyone else found this problem?

Hope you all had a lovely christmas and new year & i will be doing alot more posts now im back home. Need to get back in to the swing of blogging again! (:


  1. You got a lot of great things! I think that all 3 are definitely statement pieces in their own way, and You'll get tons of use out of that gold watch!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you're back! I've missed your posts. I LOVE all 3 of your new additions! xx

  3. Glad to see you back chick. I love my Mcqueen scarfs too xxx

  4. You are back! Was starting to miss you!
    We have such great taste dont we? Love my Mcqueen scarf but I think I will get a black one soon! Grrr you lucky thing having a YSL ring..I want one realllllly bad x

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    Hope to see you soon.

  6. Love that watch! Lucky girl!! Thankyou for the help :) xx

  7. I'm so jealous, the first two are really items that I want, when I saw the McQueen scarf in Selfridges last week, I almost died...x

  8. This would absolutely be my perfect haul ever. Literally like, my 3 most coverted items. Your watch it gorgeous and it really suits you.
    Love your nail polish too, what colour are you wearing?

  9. Just discovered you blog.. I love it!
    So jealous of your haul.. Amazing!!


  10. That ring is absolutly gorge.


  11. Oh my GOD, this is the best haul post in the world. Ever. <3 I've wanted that scarf for years and years, hopefully I'll finally get it for my birthday. Also love your watch and of course the Arty ring, you are one lucky girl :)


  12. oh woww, i love the scarf & watch! x

  13. PLease closer swatch for the watch. please please please:)

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