Wednesday, 30 June 2010

First post - A little look in my bag ♥

Ive always wanted to start blogging, I spend hours browsing girly blogs and get very inspired by them, so now that college is finally finnished for the summer, I have oodles of spare time (...and energy!) to start my own little blog and type away to my hearts content...
I have a list as long as my arm (...and leg...) to blog about. Where better to start then with the infamous 'Whats in my bag'? as deep down, we all love a good nosey (:
Say hello to the beautiful Miss Mulberry...

Isnt she absolutely stunning?
She is a Black Print Veg Tan Bayswater *drool*
(I finally caved and baught her after years of admiring her online and on the arms of various celebs. my poor poor bank account...)

Lets have a peek inside...

So inside I have:
-Aviator sunglasses - a must in this weather!
-Flowery wallet
-Large cream vintage bangle
-Lush Lemony flutter butter
-Cupcake notebook & pen - Love writing lists!
-Hairbrush - Also a must!
-Cath Kidston Floral makeup bag

This bag holds everything and anything. It's like a Mary Poppins bag!

....and inside my makeup bag:

- Benefit Coralista
- Chanel Rose Petale
-Estee Lauder Liquid liner
- Nars Cactus Flower
- Cargo Medium Bronzer
- Mac Myth
-Mac 129


  1. great first blog! i only started blogging not long ago, after alot of blog stalking, now i blog myself :) i also have the NARS cactus flower it's gorgeous!